Luxury Mobile Home Has A Built-In Garage


When it comes to having a home, there are tons of options. You could buy, rent, use a mobile home, hotels, airbnbs—heck, you could even use initiatives such as couch surfing. Whatever tickles your fancy, real estate is clearly an undying market, as everyone needs somewhere to live! So it comes as no surprise to hear that all of these options are continuously evolving to be better for the general public.

Today, however, you’re going to see a vehicle that is so futuristic, it almost looks like something out a dream. Are you an avid traveler or road trip enthusiast? Perhaps you love making cross-country trips, or even seeing different parts of the world by car. For that reason, a mobile home would be a perfect addition to your lifestyle, right?

But could you imagine having a mobile home that was so luxurious, that it felt as though you were staying in a hotel? Not only that but it had a unique compartment to park your second vehicle? Well, wonder no more! The Volkner Mobil Performance S is a $1.7 million luxury mobile home created by the German company, Volkner Mobil, and is something truly spectacular.

It’s a 40-foot vehicle with a double bed, full kitchen, a lounge, sleeping area, entertainment, and a heated bathroom! “It’s a house on wheels,” Volkner Mobil’s director, Stephanie Volkner, said. “Our clients normally have big companies. They want to travel freely. They want to decide when they start their journey, where they can go, not before. They look at the weather and start. They want to live in their own, very personal area.”

So, if you’ve got a little bit of walking around money, why not give this bad boy a test drive? Something tells me that you definitely won’t be disappointed!

See this luxurious home in the video below, and when you’re done, like and share it with your travel and car-loving friends and family to make them green with envy.