Maid Hired To Clean House For Party


Some people work themselves into a state of exhaustion. They pick up as many extra hours and shifts as they can physically manage, yet they can’t seem to get ahead. They struggle, going paycheck to paycheck, raising their families, paying their bills, and leaving little time for themselves.

Cara Simmons is a single mother of three children. At 36, she has been working as a maid to support herself and her family. She never took a day off or went on vacation.

Her schedule got so hectic, she ended up hospitalized. She’d run herself down so terribly that she developed stomach ulcers – and this happened more than once.

One afternoon, her employer, Maid Bright, sent Cara to the house of a “very important” client. When she got there, a woman named Madeline Blue met her at the door. She said all the cleaning was done, but there was still plenty for Cara to do.

Madeline and Cara had been tasked with getting the home ready for a party Madeline’s boss was holding that night. Madeline took Cara into the kitchen where a chef was already preparing a six-course meal for the party.

Madeline had lots to do so she asked Cara to sit in the dining room and test and screen the food that would be served later that evening.

The chef wanted to know what Cara’s favorite food was. She told him spaghetti because that’s her kids’ favorite.

Understandably, Cara was shocked when the chef presented her with a gourmet lobster dish priced at $500-$600. But the chef wasn’t done yet! He had her taste an array of gold and white truffle-covered dishes and many chocolate desserts.

After the fabulous and expensive meal, Madeline returned and asked Cara to answer the door. When she did, she found some men with massage tables for the reflexology station at the party. Madeline asked if Cara would be willing to let the masseuses warm up their hands for the guests by giving her a four-hand massage.

Cara couldn’t believe what a comfortable and relaxing day she was experiencing. She was supposed to be cleaning, but she was being pampered instead.

“I think it’s my birthday,” Cara said. She suspected something was going on, but what, she wasn’t sure.

Little did she know that the entire day had been orchestrated by Prank it Forward, a show that makes it possible for good people to receive lovely experiences. Cara’s employer, her kids, and her sister, Glo Nicholson, were all in on the surprise. They had worked with Prank it forward to give Cara a much-deserved day off.

After the massage, Madeline told Cara to browse through some clothing she no longer needed. Cara was told to take anything she wanted. When she started going through them, Cara was shocked when she saw all the items were in her size and the style she preferred. She had no idea that, hours earlier, Glo had gone shopping with the show’s team to ensure Cara would fall in love with the items.

But the surprises weren’t over yet. The doorbell rang again and when Cara answered the door she was met by a man unloading boxes into the house. Figuring she was supposed to unpack the boxes, Cara started removing the stuff. But as she did so, she noticed something strange – all of the items in the boxes belonged to her.

The delivery man, who was actually Prank it Forward host Greg Benson, told Cara the boxes and their contents belonged to the owner of the house. Confused, Cara tried to explain that she didn’t own the house.

Madeline said the boxes belonged to her boss, Cara Simmons, and Greg asked Cara to head outside to clear up the confusion.

When Greg opened up the back of his delivery truck, Cara’s children, sister, and niece all jumped out to surprise her. They had been in on the prank the entire time!

Or so they thought…

There was one more grand and magnificent secret to be uncovered that the family hadn’t been privy to. The house Cara had spent the day getting pampered and spoiled in had been restored and paid for. It was their new family home!

“I was in shock and stunned and crying,” Cara said. “I had no idea what was going on. It was the most amazing prank.”

And it still wasn’t over! The team revealed that Cara and her sister were going to be taking a vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico, to see the pyramids!

“Cara’s an amazing person, an amazing sister; she’s selfless, she works hard,” Glo said. “She’d give you the shirt off her back.”

Cara still can’t believe the incredible kindness shown to her and her family.

“I have always wanted to own a home,” Cara said. “And I remember being young and having a home with my family, and my parents got a divorce, and it changed, and we moved, but I remember the happiness there. I think my family will just create awesome memories in this house.”

This is the kind of “prank” we can get behind! If all jokes made us smile with pride and warmth like this one, we’d all be much happier.