Male nurse and elderly patient


Meet Jared Axen. This wonderful man is often referred to as an “angel sent from heaven” by those he looks after at the Valencia Hospital. Nurses are all angels in disguise. They are supposed to help you recover from your ailments. However, Axen is a bit different from other nurses. You might have never seen anyone like him before. The man completes all of his responsibilities towards his patients, but he also goes above and beyond the call of duty while caring for them.

Jared doesn’t comfort his patients in the traditional way. Instead, his method is rather unorthodox and sort of unheard of. He chooses to sing beautiful melodies to the suffering ones. This is how he tries to connect himself to them on a deeper and more personal level. Patients who heard him as he walked the halls singing old love songs and Broadway hits started to request him to sing to them. Then serenading the sick became part of his daily routine.

Now Jared has gained himself the moniker “The Singing Nurse.” He write on his blog, “hospice is not about giving up. It is about making those final months, weeks, days, and hours, the most meaningful.” In the video, he breaks down the elderly woman on her hospital bed with his beautiful singing. Check out this video below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!