Mama Goat Abandons The Smaller One Of Her Twins, But Watch Who Takes Him In Instead…


Tom took the kid home as a pet, called him Benjamin, took care of him, fed him like a baby every four hours, and walked with him regularly. Benjamin always goes for his master, on a step without losing sight of him. On the eve of the new” year of the goat”, this story of Benjamin’s” adoption ” became widely known after the show of the plot of the goat and its owner on the BBC channel.

Millions of people from all over the world, who saw this story, wanted to get acquainted with the goat. “One Japanese wrote to me that he is ready to come to Europe only for the sake of a meeting with a goat,” said the struck Horsfield. He claims that the goat can live for 20 years and grow to the size of St. Bernard.

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