Mama Sheep Accidentally Got Out Of Her Barn


This video below features one of the most intriguing stories you may have ever heard. This owner in the following video didn’t know her female sheep was pregnant. The news of pregnancy was surprise because, according to her, there were no male sheep in the barn. However, after 5 months of this mama sheep’s unusual behavior, she gave birth to a cute little ‘geep’ instead of a normal ‘lamb’.

Most of us probably don’t know what a ‘geep’ is. This owner in the following video also recently got to know about it. A ‘geep’ is the hybrid animal which is the result of breeding a goat and a sheep.

Apparently, this mama sheep got lose one day and visited a male goat in the barn. They decided to take their relationship to another level and the result is this adorable little ‘geep’. According to the owner, this geep is probably the first one in the Arizona, USA.

Meet Butterfly – a hybrid off spring of sheep and goat. What do you think about him? Share your opinions in the comments below!