Man with 26 kids and no job is given a 5-bedroom house


How many kids does Peter Rolfe reportedly have? Put it this way: He could field a starting offense and defense in football from his offspring, and still have enough personnel for a kicker, punter, holder, and deep snapper.

Yes, 26 kids by 15 women is Rolfe’s official count, but the fact that he and nine of them are being paid a stipend while also being given a house by the local government has rubbed plenty of his neighbors the wrong way on the Isle of Wight.

“I was shopping in Morrisons and someone came up to me and shouted ‘scrounger’ in my face,” the 64-year-old Rolfe told The Mirror. “I have also had people driving passed me as I am walking along shouting abuse.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, Rolfe, who is blind in one eye, receives the equivalent of $64,000 a year in benefits. He had a three-bedroom house up until a year ago when he told local council members it was too small for his family, which features children from ages 1 to 19.

His family now lives in a five-bedroom home paid for by taxpayers. Rolfe currently lives there with six children and two grandchildren, according to the Telegraph article.