Man Cracks Open Giant Egg


Gary Ashmore has had chickens for years, but one sight in particular took the seasoned farmer by complete surprise. When Gary went to collect eggs one morning, he thought it was going to be business as usual. It wasn’t until he took a closer look at one of the chick’s deliveries that he discovered a surprise he never expected to find. Gertrude the hen had laid a huge egg, but it wasn’t until he inspected what was inside that he realized just how unique this situation really was.

With his wife excitedly filming nearby, Gary sets out to inspect the contents of the mysterious egg. First, he gently taps the shell against the side of the bowl, careful not to damage whatever treasures remained buried within. After a few second, the shell finally gives in, and a beautiful yellow yolk can be seen pouring out.

When Gary looks closer at the cracked egg, he realizes that there is something else hiding in the ginormous shell. A red blob is nestled underneath the yolk, so he carefully pours out the contents into a bowl and what he finds next instantly blows him away. See the incredible surprise hiding in Gertrude’s huge egg in the video below – thank goodness he was filming!