Man Pokes Giant “bubble” In His Back Yard


This year has been quite a shocker in terms of weather. For instance, there were huge torrential rains in South East Asia that left thousands upon thousands displaced. The United States too was hit by dangerous hurricanes, one after another. First came Hurricane Harvey, then came Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. It caused a lot of damage, and these hurricanes were so powerful that people are still trying to get back on their feet after it.

Torrential rain does a lot of damage, but the footage shown in the following video shows an incredible phenomenon that is leaving everyone stumped. Now we all know that water can pool around areas without proper drainage. But this footage shows something totally different. After some heavy rain, this man came across a huge bubble in his lawn.

It seemed that a lot of water had been trapped between the soil and the mesh of grass. Everyone was quite surprised to see this. He wanted to get rid of the water, so in order to relieve the pressure, he kept poking the bubble with a stick. It didn’t pop the way he wanted it to, so he kept poking in more holes. Even that wasn’t enough, so he decided to step on it. His weight seemed to do the trick, as water started gushing out.

You don’t get to see this sort of thing often! What a bizarre sight indeed!

Check out this amazing video below: