Man Pulls Up Brown Patch On Lawn


In many parts of the country, the warmer weather means you can actually enjoy your yard. But of course, after a long winter season there’s usually some sprucing up to do – followed by some maintaining. Having a lush green lawn is always a nice thing to have during the summer, but before you freak out over that brown spot of grass, it’s important to know that there could be more to it than meets the eye.

A client made a call to Ontario Wildlife Removal when he found a dried patch in his lawn. The reason he did so was because it was actually moving! A representative from the company headed over to create a video showing everyone what exactly that brown area may really be – or what’s hiding beneath. Believe it or not, it could contain a rabbit’s nest! He then goes on to give us proof.

As the man shows the dried part of the lawn, it really doesn’t look like much from afar. But as he pulls up the grass he reveals a group of curled up baby bunnies sleeping underneath. If you just so happen to find one of these nests, he also has recommendations of what you should do. Watch the video below to get a close look for yourself. This is great information to know – especially since you’ll be out in your yard more often!