Man Scolds Guilty Dog Bursts


As all pet owners know, animals are a huge blessing in our lives. Their unconditional love can brighten our spirits on the worst of days, and their silly antics bring us joy when we least expect it. While there is no doubt our four-legged friends are part of our family, like any close relationship they also have the power to upset us.

One dog named Ettore learned this lesson the hard way, when his human pal Anthony began scolding him for an unknown crime. Anthony is seen sternly disciplining the dog, trying to keep a straight face so he can get his message across. The dog isn’t having any of it though, and quickly tries to charm Anthony into forgetting his transgressions. It doesn’t take long for a smile to spread across Anthony’s face, and when you see the video you will quickly understand why!

Guilty Ettore knows he messed up, but he also knows the quickest way to his human’s heart. Setting his paw on Anthony’s chest, he cocks his head to the side and gives his owner his best puppy dog eyes in an attempt at winning his forgiveness. When this doesn’t work, he ups the ante and does something so cute it’s impossible for Anthony to stay upset. See this adorable dog’s precious antics in the video below – no wonder this has gone viral!