Man Tosses His Red Shovel Aside. Shows Everyone A Better Way To Remove The Snow


If you’ve heard of Joshua Jordan, then you know he’s is a magician by trade! Instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat or guessing your playing card, his most amazing trick may just be his brilliantly simple method to remove snow from a driveway or yard without touching a snow shovel.

Now footage of his snow hack is gaining attention – and if you live in a cold-weather state, you’ll want to take a look! First, Joshua creates a long snowball and begins to rolls the snow out of the way.

To make this snow rolling trick work, you’re going to need a specific type of snow. Unfortunately, the light fluffy snow won’t do – you’ll need heavy, wet snow for this hack.

Once the snow is a few inches deep, begin by making a long (hot dog shape) snowball. After you have a compact snowball, start to roll the snowball over until it collects the snow directly in front of it.

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