Man Warns ‘You’ll Be Sorry’ For Watching Solar Eclipse After His 1 Big Mistake


When Lou Tomososki was a teenager, he did a few crazy things like all other kids do. But one thing he did for a mere 20 seconds in the 1960s cost him something irreplaceable.

His science teacher had informed the students about an upcoming solar eclipse that they could check out. But that 20-second glimpse at a solar eclipse robbed Lou of his sight.

Some of his friends used cardboard to protect their eyes, but he did not. That caused permanent damage to his right eye and almost complete loss of sight.

When Lou visited the eye doctor later on in life, the optometrist knew right away that he had taken a peek at a solar eclipse before Lou ever said one word. Lou said the doctor compared his eye’s exposure to the sun as being similar to today’s laser surgery.

For years, Lou has never been able to read anything with his right eye alone. The pea-sized blank spot in his right eye significantly impacted his vision. Lou advised anyone who wants to watch the upcoming solar eclipse to heed his advice.

“Watch it get dark. Don’t look up at the sun, especially young children … You’ll be sorry.”

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