Marine veteran gets the Christmas puppy surprise


God bless this young man. I wish him all the happiness! I’m just filled with joy for him that he has found a loyal fellow!

This video is so heartwarming and it made me crying so much. This beautiful gesture has touched my heart deeply, as it was the best gift for someone who really needs it. This kind of people makes me believe in humanity again.

Moreover, that man deserves this, he really does! And he deserves a big ‘thank you’ for his services for the world.

The video below is a good reminder that good presents are not only expensive things bought in some jewelry or electronics shops.

Sometimes a good loyal friend may become the best gift to someone who really needs one.

A Marine Veteran got an early Christmas surprise when his family gave him a puppy. Peter Coukoulis has suffered with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder since his return to civilian life 3 years ago and his mom, Dena, thought getting a dog who could be trained as a service animal would help her son.

In the heartwarming video below, he’s helping his family with Christmas decorations in the kitchen when his family gives him with a festively-wrapped box.

The box is slightly open, which is a clue as to what is inside.

He’s unsure why his family is giving him a gift so early, but when he flips the lid a tiny Beagle puppy pops up and looks out.

The second he sees the pup, Peter begins to cry, and gently picks up his new friend, gently cradling her to him before giving her a kiss.

Dena said of the heartwarming moment, “The puppy has already changed Peter’s life; it has made him happy after a very difficult three years.”

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