Massive Waves Pummel Cruise Ship While One Passenger Captures Harrowing Footage Of The Event


When I think of cruise ship vacations, I have a particular picture in my mind. It involves a huge, luxurious cruise ship, gliding through calm, crystal clear blue water. Above, the sun shines warmly on the deck, and a few seagulls circle overhead.

During the day, I spend some time sunbathing near a beautiful pool and enjoying fruity refreshments. If we dock in a port, it’s somewhere tropical that has touristy restaurants and even fun, exciting excursions. Night time involves delicious food and maybe dancing, games, or just strolling on the deck under the clear night sky.

Though this is my idea of a perfect cruise vacation, it’s not necessarily always the case. Sure, most cruise vacations may somewhat resemble my dream cruise experience, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out as planned.

Usually, cruise ships pay close attention to weather patterns and do their best to avoid any significant storms.

Harry Bolton, captain of the training ship “Golden Bear” at the California Maritime Academy, told CNN that waves like the ones in the video below are incredibly rare and almost never happen.

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