Men Experiencing The Pain Of Labor


What if the pain of labor could be experienced by men? These two dads get hooked up to labor simulation machines and “get” to experience labor contractions. Their wives look on happily and thoroughly enjoy every minute of the process with Starbucks in their hands.

The two husbands claim that women exaggerate everything, but after getting hooked up to the electrodes and zapped repeatedly, they change their story. The electrodes simulate the pain that comes with childbirth and ramps up from a “level one” which is the very beginning of labor to “level 10,” which demonstrates what it feel like during full-blown delivery time.

After the simulation, both of the husbands admit that labor pains are much more intense than they expected.

One of the men speaks out to his mother and apologizes for causing her so much pain “all of those years back.” Now they finally get just how painful childrearing can be!