Miss Tres surprise everyone with SIZZLING performance! | Auditions | BGT 2018


A trio of glamorously dressed women are prepared to show everyone just how amazingly talented they are. But first, they have to summon the nerve to stand before the intimidating judge Simon Cowell.

As the three women make their way toward the Britain’s Got Talent stage, the audience is instantly drawn to their confident presence. Wearing mini sequined dresses and high heels, they face the judges as they prepare to introduce themselves.

Hailing from the Philippines, the trio known as Miss Tres tells Simon that they aspire to be the next girls group. He’s known for pushing through boy bands to stardom, so these females are ready to bring their A-game.

They chat briefly with the judges, making it known that they want to make it big. They receive skeptic looks, but are prepared to dazzle everyone.

Simon the stern judge wishes the girls good luck as he settles into his seat ready to either be disappointed or blown away. The women disperse on stage as they take their respective positions, microphones in hand.

As the upbeat number “Sex Bomb” starts to play, the audience is already feeding off of the trio’s energy. But the moment the first girl opens her mouth to sing, the entire room lets out a gasp of disbelief when they realize this audition has a twist they never saw coming.

The judges exchanges looks of utter shock and awe when they realize this performance is not what they expected. Their voices are quite shocking to say the least.

It takes everyone a few moments to recover from the huge surprise, but once they do they go wild with excitement watching Miss Tres put on the show of a lifetime. This trio is really good!