Mom Asks Dogs “Who Did This Mess?”


If you grew up with siblings, you know what it’s like to be confronted by mom with a “who made this mess” type of situation. The question is – were you the type of brother or sister that refused to talk? Or, did you immediately snitch to save your own skin? If only we would have listened to Carol Brady’s words of wisdom more often – and just didn’t play ball in the house in the first place!

As we know pets can be a lot like kids, and if you have multiples they can be a lot like siblings too. When one mom discovered that there was a mess in her home, she knew that one of her beloved pooches was behind it. She was determined to find out which dog was guilty of the crime! So she gathered all three of them on the stairs to start the interrogation…

The group of dogs face mom as she points the camera on them. They all have the same look that they know exactly what mom’s going to be “talking” to them about – the big mess, of course! Mom then asks the question, “Who did this mess?” Two of the dogs are sitting together with the third on the other side of the steps. It quickly becomes, is there going to be a rat in the group? Watch the hilarious video below, which was even featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Mom may find out her answer quickly – but the ending is just as funny!