Mom Can’t Stop Her Daughter From What She’s About To Do – The Reason Why Left Me Speechless


It was understandably a bit of a shock for her mother when Katelyn decided one day that she wanted to shave her head. But mom couldn’t possibly say no when she heard the reason behind it.

A self-described half-tomboy, half-girly-girl, Katelyn came home one day with a flyer from St. Baldrick’s and told her her mom that she wanted to shave her head. Katelyn’s art teacher told her mother that if Katelyn donated her hair, she would too. Her mom knew, despite some parents saying they wouldn’t be able to let their daughters shave their heads, that she had to let the 10-year-old do this.

Katelyn’s friend Emily had gotten cancer in her leg, which she had to get amputated. Katelyn and her mom decided this could be a great way to support her. They even found out they could raise money to donate to childhood cancer research, and now have gotten to around $7,000. Katelyn also inspired many others in their community to donate hair as well. Even though she was tearing up as they shaved her hair, Katelyn still looked enthusiastic. This young girl is an inspiration with her dedication to supporting other kids with cancer.