Mom Greases Pole So Squirrels Can’t Reach Bird Feeder Only To Get Laugh-Out-Loud Results


When you live in a wooded area, it also means you have to deal with all of the creatures that come along with it. Sure squirrels may look cute from the outside – but they can definitely be a nuisance to homeowners!

One of the things they like to do is steal bird seed from feeders. While you really can’t really blame them (after all, they didn’t see anybody’s name on it) it’s not something you want to happen.

So, occasionally you have to put your foot down and get crafty. Squirrels are persistent little things, so whatever plan you devise had better be good.

One mom decided she was tired of squirrels helping themselves to the bird seed she had set up in a feeder in her yard. But instead of getting mad, she chose to take control and do something about it!

Many have tried, but most have failed. This mom’s answer to the problem was simply genius.

Her solution was quite clever, to be honest. It also was awfully hysterical for the homeowner and her son.

Since the squirrels would climb up the pole to get to the delicious snack, she slathered oil on it to keep this from happening. All that was left to do was wait and watch the results.

Her effort was definitely worth it, because the antics that ensued are quite laughable. You almost feel a bit sorry for the determined squirrel engaged in a losing battle with the oiled pole.