Mom Hears Sounds Coming From Baby Monitor


When Roy and Bernita Rogers were first married, they wanted to start a family right away. However, their dreams of parenthood kept slipping through their fingers after Bernita gave birth prematurely on three separate occasions.

Sadly, all of their babies passed away. Bernita felt like there was a hole in her heart that nothing could ever fill.

The disheartened couple pretty much gave up hope, but then one day an adorable stray kitten walked into their lives. They poured all their love into caring for their new furbaby.

The sleek little kitten was black as night, and although crossing paths with black cats is supposed to be bad luck, Roy and Bernita soon found out that “Midnight” was actually their good luck charm. Within a year of taking him in, the couple once again found themselves pregnant.

This time around Bernita gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Stacey. Given their heartbreaking past, mom and dad were very protective of their daughter, and always kept a baby monitor close by.

Even Midnight took it upon himself to become Stacey’s personal body guard. Midnight was always watching over her.

When Stacey was six weeks old, Bernita put her infant down for a nap and then sat down in the living room to socialize with her parents. However, Midnight seemed to be a little bit jealous that he was no longer the center of attention, and kept jumping on and off Bernita’s lap.

She ignored the cat, and it wasn’t until she heard an awful screeching and moaning sound coming from the baby monitor that Bernita finally jumped into action to see what was going on in Stacey’s room. Her heart stopped cold when she saw what the cat had really been up to.