Mom Ignores ‘Normal’ Bug Bites


If you’ve ever lived near the woods or vacationed there, then chances are, you’ve had an encounter with this pesky creature. Not only are ticks annoying due to their invasive nature – but they’re also dangerous! The family of Tamela Wilson learned this the hard way when she fell ill seemingly out of the blue. Tamela finally went to her family doctor for constant headaches, overall pain and a light red rash. However, doctors discovered her condition was far worse. Her white blood cell count was low, and she was struggling to hold objects without shaking. No one knew that the reason for Tamela’s failing health was a bug no bigger than a fingernail…

Tamela’s family doctor quickly sent her to the hospital where medical staff treated the symptoms. Unfortunately, doctors were still confused about the root cause of her rapid deterioration. Tamela’s family said that she appeared to be in worse shape every time they walked into her hospital room. It was apparent none of the treatment plans were working! Without any other course of action, doctors sent a blood sample to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and continued to treat the symptoms. The results of Tamela’s bloodwork were something the doctors had never seen before.

The CDC confirmed Tamela contracted a case of Bourbon virus, an extremely rare tick-borne illness that has no known cure. The only thing doctors could do was hope for the best and make Tamela comfortable. Sadly, Tamela passed just three short weeks after she was admitted to the hospital. Now her daughter is spreading her story in hopes that it can prevent one more Bourbon virus passing. The most important things to remember are to wear bug spray and thoroughly check your body for ticks after you come inside. Doing so can save your life!