Mom Refuses Son To Use Her Sewing Machine


No matter how cruel and terrible our world is, there are always good people who do good. This kid lives on an exotic island for us Tasmania, not far from Australia. Despite his young age, he is engaged in a truly noble mission. In 2014, when a boy named Campbell Crafts was nine years old, he asked his parents for a very unusual purchase.

On Christmas day he wanted not a game console, not a fancy phone and not even soldiers. He wanted a sewing machine. Mom and dad were surprised that is not the boys ‘ choice of gift. One day during the Christmas season, he and his parents handed out gifts to passers-by.

Then the boy came up with the idea to give people good. He wanted to help those who are now very poorly children in the hospital. But his family was not rich, so often Crafts could not engage in charity.

That’s when the boy had the idea to make gifts with their hands. He called the business – “project 365”. The boy set out to sew three hundred and sixty-five toys. All his work Crafts decided to pass on to children who were in the local hospital. Every day he came to the clinic and gave his toy to one of the guys who were lying there.

If the children’s Department (fortunately) did not have a child, then his work Campbell sold via the Internet on eBay. All the money from the sale of soft toys boy himself sent to children’s charities.