Mommy raccoon with babies


Raccoon mom brought her kids to the people to ask for food. Every year, 911 emergency service receives more than 600 thousand phone calls about strange animals that made their way to the house or apartment. These uninvited guests are called raccoon.

They have lived in North America for thousands of years and are considered to be “native” to the wild. That’s just to get along with the person the raccoons can’t still. music-animal unique and perhaps the most mysterious of all existing. Indians considered them real people who changed their appearance to perform a special mission. Almost all the tribes of these animals is honored, but tried them never to contact.

The greatest danger, according to Indian beliefs, was the close and deep look of a raccoon, who could “suck the soul out of a person.” For human raccoon dangerous for three reasons. First, it is America’s largest “opportunist” in the wild. It is very difficult to scare, force to do something, to get rid and tame. He’s fearless and unscrupulous.

A raccoon can easily climb up to your house through a small gap and get under the covers in the night. Steal some of your products when you unload the trunk after shopping. To bite you in the leg while walking in the back yard. In this case, the raccoon is not always driven by anger and bloodlust, and some hooligan curiosity.