Moose Family Wandered Onto Lawn But The Owners Were Left In Disbelief When The Sprinklers Came On


Summertime is a joyous season. You get to sit around in the sun, have water fights and relax and unwind. Unfortunately, the sun can get too hot for a lot of folks. Moose definitely struggle with their thick fur in the soaring temperatures.

In Alaska on a particularly hot day, a homeowner spotted a moose family wandering through her Eagle River community. Candice Helm noticed that the mama moose and her twin calves were panting heavily so she decided to act fast.

Rather than ushering the animals of her property, Candice decided to turn a blind eye to the forlorn family and did the neighbourly thing and offer help.

They just strolled around the house and looked really hot. So we turned on the sprinklers and they were happy.

Thank you to Candice for her kind gesture.

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