Mother Horse Found Trapped In Her Own Mane. As Onlookers Attempt To Rescue, The Horse Tangles Herself Further


As long as I can remember, horses have been my favorite animals. I love how majestic and strong they are; they move with such radiance that it’s difficult to compare them to any other animal. Of course, when they are truly wild horses, their beauty is unmatched.

In South Wales, the countryside is vast and unique. You can spend hours, even days, scanning the beautiful rolling hills and marshlands. Many times, wild horses roam the uneven grounds. To see such rare beauty all at once can be overwhelming.

One day, as two onlookers are enjoying the countryside, they notice something, off in the distance, that catches their attention. They see two figures; one is brown and moving slowly; the other is white and motionless. After a moment, they realize that the smaller brown movement is coming from a baby horse. As they watch in curiosity, they come to the conclusion that the white horse is the mama, and that something is wrong.

They make their way over to the two animals, unsure of what they would find. As they get closer, they notice more movement coming from the little foal, which they take as a good sign. The foal is frantically running back-and-forth around her mama, who is lying still, on her side.

Merely feet from the two beauties, the men notice that this mama is struggling vigorously. They discover that her back leg is stuck in her wild and tangled mane. Unsure and a little frightened, the mama horse attempts to run off but quickly falls to the ground from being unbalanced. The men know that if the horse makes too many more attempts to run off, she would only hurt herself more.

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