Mother Of 4 Scalped Sends Warning To All Women


The woman had no idea she could leave her children without a mother. The first thing to do when the engine overheats is to stop on the roadside, kill the engine and open the hood. This rule know virtually all motorists, but, that do next, almost no one knows and many concede very rude mistakes.

Do not try to open the radiator cap immediately after stopping the car – the steam formed in the cooling system will push the hot antifreeze outwards and may burn Your face. In addition, due to the reduction in the amount of coolant, the engine will cool down even longer.

Also, in any case, do not water the engine with cold water. Such actions lead to the fact that the cylinder head is cracked and cannot be repaired. Popular wisdom says, ” if the door doesn’t open, it doesn’t mean it’s locked.”

The car can stand with unlocked locks, but do not let you inside and not because of personal hostility. In such situation we strongly recommend that you apply a force, because the end result won’t be too happy. The first scenario – you still open the door, breaking her frozen to the seals.

Scenario two – door you can’t open it, but will break the handle. Both options, frankly, so-so. So how do you get into the salon? First of all, do not break into the driver’s door – probably the back was not frozen so much.