This Natural DIY Repellent Will Get Rid Of Ants In Minutes!


The warm weather brings BBQs, star-gazing, and plenty of other outdoor activities back on our to-do lists. I know for someone who has waited for summer for a very long time, it’s hard to see me indoors when the temperatures are in the 30s, and the sun is out. I don’t think many can blame me, right?

If you like to explore the great outdoors, or just be outside for gardening purposes, then you know that the one thing that usually becomes pesky about the warm weather is bugs — for me, in particular, ants.

I experience the problem of ants infesting my patio each summer. I’ve tried all sorts of store-bought sprays and traps to get rid of them, but the one thing I’ve noticed is that these solutions are temporary. I notice myself cleaning up ants every couple of days, so this year, I started looking for a more permanent solution.

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