Navy Dad Meets Newborn For 1st Time Uttering 5 Words His Wife Will Never Forget


Our servicemen and women go through more than many of us could ever imagine. From lonely days on-duty to lonely nights for their spouses back at home — it’s hard for everyone involved. However, these families understand that the honor of being in the United States Armed Forces is too high to go back on it for the simple comforts of family life.

One man who exhibits this level of devotion to our country is Lt. Michael Lemmons of the United States Navy. He and 27 of his fellow crew members were waiting eagerly to return home so they could meet their newborn children. After months at sea, they all wanted to gaze into the eyes of their babies…

As soon as Lt. Lemmons spotted his wife on the dock, he ran to meet her! There, in her arms, was their newborn son. He was stunningly handsome — but something struck Lt. Lemmons, and he had to blurt out his thoughts before they overwhelmed him. He looked right into his wife’s eyes and said, “He’s perfect. Thank you.” The simple act of thanking his wife for holding down the house, raising a newborn by herself and trying to keep their relationship healthy was more than she could handle. Tears welled up in her eyes. She knew how hard his job was overseas and this moment was everything she dreamed of during the months he was away.