Navy Encounter Elephants In Water


Although life at sea can often be predictable, bringing the same sights and sounds each day – every so often, something extremely out-of-the-ordinary occurs. One day, as Sri Lanka’s naval team was out on a routine patrol of the sea, they spotted a large object bobbing in the water. At first, the crew members were unable to identify the strange mass, but as they drew closer their eyes widened in amazement…

This navy team came across a unique mission unlike anything they’d seen before. Ten miles off the coast and in the cold, deep waters – the crew stumbled upon a struggling and fatigued elephant, fighting for its life. They believe that the elephant, in an attempt to cross a lagoon, was unexpectedly carried out to sea.

The large, buoyant bodies of elephants, along with their long, snorkel-like trunks, actually help these animals to be quite good swimmers. However, it was instantly apparent to the naval team that this exhausted and distressed elephant needed to be rescued as soon as possible.

Additional teams were immediately dispatched to the site in order to partake in the enormous elephant mission, and a rescue plan was formed. It was all hands on deck as everyone quickly got to work! Watch below to see the jaw-dropping rescue of “Jumbo” the elephant: