All You Need Is A Cheap Dollar Store Sun Sheet To Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter


During the cold, wet, snowy, winter season it’s important to try and stay warm and comfortable. We do this in all kinds of ways, mostly by staying inside. I love to curl up in a toasty blanket on the sofa or in the bed, with a cup of something warm to drink, a book to read, and a dog to cuddle up with.

But unfortunately, even on the coldest days, I have to go outside. Sometimes it’s just a quick trip out the door to take the dogs for a walk—even they don’t want to stay out too long in the cold. Other times it’s a full day outside when I’m taking care of the other animals and running errands.

Like most people, I don’t like getting cold while I’m outside so being prepared and wearing the proper clothing is key. A warm coat and gloves are a necessity, and a hat keeps body heat from escaping. One of the most essential parts of a warm winter outfit is proper footwear.

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