Neighbor finds 5-year-old boy alone with little sister in his arms


The 5-year-old boy ran to the neighbor and said that his mother died in the shower. Looking at the hands of the child, the woman immediately began to act. Sal Scales from San tan valley, Arizona, is no ordinary 5-year-old child. This little boy — a real hero who is praised on the Internet for quick wits.

One day, when Jessica Penoyer was in his home in San tan valley, she heard a knock at the door. Behind the door stood her five-year-old neighbor Sal Scales with her younger sister on her hands. “He was standing holding something, and I thought it was a doll,” Jessica Penoyer says.

But it wasn’t a doll, it was Sal’s two-month-old sister. At first Jessica thought the boy tries to tell her that their dog had died, but soon realized that his words mean something quite different. He said, ” No, my mother died in the shower, can you take care of us?” – continues Jessica.

As soon as Jessica heard these words, she immediately called for an ambulance and quickly rushed to the scene. Fortunately, it turned out that his mother died — in the shower she had a seizure and she fainted. Instinctively, Sal immediately reacted and that 5-year-old boy did next, shocked.

Thinking that his mother had died, the baby realized that he urgently had to do something to keep him and his sister safe. He pulled up a chair to the wall and stood on it. So he was able to reach the button that controls the garage door.