You Could Be the New Owner of Merle Haggard’s Custom Tour Bus


Merle Haggard‘s custom-made Super Chief tour bus is back on the market. This time, the Burley Auction Gallery in New Braunfels, Texas will be auctioning it off on Feb. 10.

The 2008 MCI J4500 includes a kitchenette and a lounge area with satellite television and surround sound. Plus there’s a vintage Santa Fe train horn, with its button right next to Haggard’s on-board easy chair.

Haggard selected the Super Chief name and logo as a nod to a famed passenger train on the Santa Fe line. Only Jimmie Rodgers himself is more synonymous with railroads than Haggard, who grew up living in a converted Santa Fe box car and collected model trains as an adult.

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