News Story Takes Unexpected Turn


When news anchors and reporters bring us the news every evening, they must present themselves with composure, even in the toughest situations. They strive to bring viewers breaking stories, even when they are hard to deliver night after night.

News reporters stand in the billowing winds of impending hurricanes. They walk through the devastation left behind by floods and tornadoes.

They put on a professional persona for viewers and fans. But sometimes, it’s hard to maintain that professionalism when a story hits home.

On the set of Atlanta Alive, the news team had just presented a tear-jerking story, and the camera took viewers back to the news desk. But, no one could have expected what happened next at the anchor desk.

The touching story struck a chord with one of the male anchors seated at the desk. He starts to talk about his reaction and thoughts about the story, when his words begin to trail off.

His co-workers glance over and see their fellow anchor struggling to talk, as he suddenly puts his chin on his hand. Once his co-anchors realized what was happening, they quickly began comforting him as he struggled to regain his composure.

The station goes for a commercial break, then comes back to talk about the anchor’s strong emotional response to the story. The story starts at a local care and rehab center, where elderly residents are being treated with music, as part of a music therapy program.

The story follows Rosemary Bauer, who is just shy of her 100th birthday. She loves to listen to the jazz music the music therapy technician plays, and she tells him it reminds her of when she met her husband.

It’s a touching story that not only pulled at the heartstrings of viewers at home, but made this TV anchor shed tears while on set. Watch the video and see exactly why this TV anchor breaks down during this news program.

His own personal reasons will bring you to tears, too.