Nils and Bianca Deliver Stunning Dance Performance at the WRRC World Championship.


Nils Andrén is a renowned performer, who has been on the stage for more than 10 years. His experience is so immense that he can come up with any routine within a day, and though the young man claims that he still has to rehearse, we believe that the talent of the performer is obvious to anyone, who is in love with the vintage kinds of performances and festivals like Rock That Swing.

According to the reports, Nils was competing in numerous dancing contests, and his favorite directions are Lindy Hop and classic Boogie Woogie. He has been practicing salsa as well before deciding to focus on the nostalgic genres alone.

Over the years of dancing and delighting the viewers with his moves, Nils has discovered that he can travel around the world with his own program and earn a name in the industry together with his partner Bianca Locatelli. The fans mention that the man won the first place in the competition for the advanced Lindy Hop performers, and this is an achievement that is not possible to overlook if we start talking about the professionalism and dedication of the guy.

He says that he has found his place among the dancers, and now all he wants to do is create another version of the ballroom dancing that was popular in the previous century. Bianca Locatelli is another star of the screen that has to be mentioned when we start talking about the celebrities of the nostalgia dancing and routines that are going to be remembered by the fans due to their unbelievable energy.

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