She Noticed Him Opening Up The Fence. Now Watch What THIS Lioness Did Seconds Later—WHOA!


Wild animals are always unpredictable. They are usually very dangerous and scary, but in some cases, humans can form a good bond with such animals. One of those conditions is when the animal has been raised in captivity, with humans taking the place of their parents. The following video shows a man who has formed such a bond with a lioness.

Valentin Gruener was a volunteer at the Modisa Wildlife Project in Africa. Gruener had raised this lioness ever since she was a tiny cub. Every time he comes to visit her, the lioness gets really excited. She paces the fence, eagerly waiting for him to open it, and as soon as he does, she jumps right into his arms and gives him a hug! Valentin has to be one of a small handful of men in the world who can confidently handle a lion like that!

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