Nurse Has Bad Feeling About Discharged Patient


One mom named Tricia desperately wanted a second little boy to call her own. Another mom named Tricia desperately wanted a family for her little boy after she was given five months to live.

So when life seemed bleak and unforgiving like it did for these two moms, it became easy for them to lose hope and faith. But all that was about to change, when an incredible act of divine intervention altered the course of their lives forever.

Pennsylvania oncology nurse Tricia Seaman, 43, had three precious daughters and one son. She and her husband had hoped to conceive a fifth child, and they would have loved to add another little boy to the mix.

But that wouldn’t be happening for them due to pregnancy complications. So they turned their hearts toward adoption.

They filled out paperwork and did everything they needed to do to open their home to another child. Their excitement peaked when they were notified of an 18-month-old boy who needed a forever family, but that fell through.

Tricia didn’t give up hope, however, and continued devoting herself to her four children and throwing herself into her work as a nurse. At the hospital, she was assigned to care for a patient named Tricia.

What a coincidence, right? Well, the similarities don’t end there.

Both were moms; they even shared the same initials! But Tricia Somers, 45, had cancer and was a single mom trying to care for her eight-year-old son Wesley without any help; her parents weren’t alive and she didn’t have any close relatives to pitch in.

For three weeks, the two women bonded and when Tricia was discharged from the hospital, nurse Tricia checked in on her. She could tell by the expression on her face that she had received devastating news.

She didn’t have much time left. The next words uttered by Tricia whose future was being cut short stunned nurse Tricia.

“Will you and your husband raise my child?”
Nurse Tricia couldn’t believe what she was being asked. This mom needed a family for her son while she herself longed for another son.

It was divine intervention. It was meant to be.

“It took my breath away. I said I was honored. I urged her to think and pray about it.”
Knowing there wasn’t much time left, Tricia and Wesley were invited to nurse Tricia’s home where they met the family. The kids instantly bonded.

Wesley felt comfortable there, so the parents agreed that he would become their much desired fifth child. Tricia’s husband insisted that Wesley’s mom remain in their home instead of moving into a nursing home to live out the remainder of her life.

They cared for her until she left this earth, surrounded by her son’s adoptive family. Wesley slowly assimilated into his new family while saying goodbye to his mom.

Now that Tricia has passed away, Wesley is flourishing with his new family. But none of them will ever forget the tale of the two moms named Tricia, and how miracles really do occur.