Nurse Put Newborn Twins In The Bath


Giving birth to a newborn baby is difficult and many of us can’t even imagine that pain. But taking care of a newborn baby is equally difficult. The care taker should be very careful while taking care of a child, especially soon after the baby’s birth as newborn babies are vulnerable and can easily get hurt. This video below features an incredible video of a nurse giving bath to newborn twins.

Sonia Rochel, this nurse in the video below shows every new mother the perfect way to give their babies a bath. It is called Baby Spa, a new bathing approach and it was invented by Nurse Sonia herself. Sonia is a nurse from Paris and this approach is the result of many years of observation and reflection.

This video shows some marking moments of this caress-bathing and it actually lasts from 10-15 minutes. In the video, it almost looks like these twins are floating inside their mother’s womb and they seem happy about it.