Octopus Suddenly Emerges From Water


Visitors at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in California got more than they bargained for while walking along the coastline. Being careful not to disturb the precious balance of nature, the humans kept an eye out for any wildlife that happened to be hiding in plain sight.

That’s when they spotted a beautiful octopus climbing out of the water and heading directly toward them. They couldn’t believe their eyes and ran for the camera – what they capture is amazing…

According to recent studies, octopuses are one of the most intelligent marine animals on the planet. Not only can they differentiate humans from one another and solve puzzles, but they actually have noticeably independent personalities and can use their suction cups to free themselves from certain situations.

Additionally, they can form friendships with other animals and have a spectacular internal clock. All of this led the employees at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve to think that the octopus in the video below knew exactly what it was doing.

After scooting along the seaweed and carrying a large crab in its it beak, the octopus finally comes to a stop just before the humans.

It seems to observe the people surrounding it for a moment and then it lets the crab drop from its clutches.

Watching it squish and squeak around in the leaves is impressive! It’s incredible how nature really works. This small octopus is on a mission, that’s for sure!

Most people believe that octopuses are predominantly water creatures, but that’s not always the case. According to marine biologists,  captive octopuses actually escape with surprising frequency.

This crab from the octopus was a gift for the humans and it wanted to see how they would react. Sure enough, the reserve’s visitors were thrilled and couldn’t believe that the octopus was so eager to come close to them, as well!

Take a peek at this incredible moment for yourself in the video below. This is a memory that everyone who was there will hold onto forever.