Officer And K-9 Sit For Official Photo Goes Hilariously Wrong When Dog Refuses To Follow Orders


When Indiana Officer Levi Knach was called in for his official photo shoot, he had no idea that his K-9 partner would be the one stealing the show. Dressed to the nines wearing his official uniform and badge, Officer Knach is ready to pose in front of the camera.

His K-9 partner Kenobi is sitting right beside him, badge proudly hanging from his neck as he takes his position next to his favorite human. Even though the two hope to convey a “we’re tough” type of an official photo, the pictures snapped during their session are just too funny not to share.

Though the adorable dog manages to stay seated next to the officer, instead of looking into the camera he jumps at the opportunity to sneak in some serious cuddles. At first, Officer Knach ignores the pup, eyes glued to the lens as the photographer starts snapping away.

He remains stoic and strong, the epitome of an officer who has dedicated his life to saving others. He sits upright, a stern look on his face.

Officer Knach has always loved the outdoors and wanted to be a conservation officer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources since he was a little boy. It’s a job he’s dedicated himself to for more than a decade.

But during their photo shoot, it doesn’t take long for the dedicated officer to finally break, bursting into laughter at his K-9’s hilarious antics. Kenobi may be a dedicated police dog, but he’s still a dog with a lovable personality.

With those sweet eyes and some serious begging going on, who could resist? Obviously not even Officer Knach.

Though they were finally able to get a serious photo in the end, you won’t want to miss all of the hilarious outtakes. And while the pup has nothing but love for his loyal human when they are off the clock, the department has made it clear that when business calls, it’s all work for these two partners.