An Old Couple Celebrates The Wedding Anniversary In A “Notebook” Style


So romantic! Bless them!

Clemma and Sterling Elmore live together for 57 years, and their love is still alive and gives them both the power to live on. To celebrate the anniversary of the wedding, their granddaughter planned and ordered for her grandparents a Love Story photo shoot in the style of the movie “The Notebook”, which won the hearts of the Elmore couple.

For this photo shoot, Clemma and Sterling even found old clothes from the 1940s wrote letters to each other telling about their love for each other. Photos were made by Stacey Welsh-Christ from Mary Evelyn Photography, and she really managed to capture the special relationship of an elderly couple to each other, which so distinguishes them.

This couple realized that they are the only ones for each other from the first time. Photographer recently published these photos on Facebook, and literally in a few days the post with these pictures spread all over the Internet, collecting several tens of thousands of likes and outposts.

A series of photographs reflects the tender affection that the husband and wife experience for each other, despite a long life together. Such pictures make you believe in love for life. So charming couple.

They love each other so much, it’s immediately obvious. Real feelings lasting 57 years. They will remember this gift of their granddaughter for a long time. I’m sure that this photo shoot gave this couple new emotions and inspiration.

If you don’t know what kind of present choose for your parents or grandparents, then this can be a great idea for a gift. Choose the theme and style that they like most and invite them on the photo shoot. This is really a very cool gift!

Watch the video with Clemma’s and Sterling’s Love story photos below!