Older Man Finds Bird’s Feet Frozen To Pipe


Many people feel instant compassion when they stumble across an animal in need. If an animal is injured or ill, passionate people will pause and help.

When one man discovered a poor tiny bird in desperate need of help, he had to stop and see what he could do. As it turns out, not all heroes wear capes!

In fact, some of them are disguised as older gentlemen who really care about the wildlife and nature surrounding their property! One such hero, named Nelson Wilson, unveiled himself in a rescue video that’s going viral.

Due to frigid winter temperatures, one little finch found itself suddenly frozen on the metal piping right next to a water heater where it had stopped by to take a drink and it couldn’t fly away. Unfortunately, the bird’s feet got wet from the water.

When the poor little bird decided to rest on the metal piping, its feet became attached. When Nelson heard the panicked tweeting from the bird, he came right away.

He wasn’t sure what to do at first, but knew he had to help rescue the little bird. It’s what he did next that has left the Internet cheering….

Gently cradling the finch in his hand (to avoid further injury), Nelson began to blow his warm breath over its frozen feet. With gentle puffs of warm air, this man squatted beside the baby bird for minutes in the hopes that he could melt the ice trapping its feet.

After several minutes of blowing on its feet, something miraculous happened! This man’s idea really, truly worked!

This man could’ve walked away from this innocent bird’s predicament, but he didn’t. He opted to save one of God’s little creatures from further harm.

Undoubtedly the bird was grateful. It was finally free from the icy metal pipe!

Click “play” on the video below to see Nelson’s brave rescue mission and the lucky bird who escaped a grim fate!