Orangutan Is Recorded Giving Birth


The zoo was able to capture a unique phenomenon. In natural conditions the male occupies a vast territory, which is located inside the territory of several females (with calves). He visits them one by one, sometimes they get together.

A pregnant female orangutan has a special social status (for example, in captivity her first allowed to the trough, she is very popular as a partner for gruminga1). Birth occurs very quickly, the mother immediately takes the baby (a newborn orangutan weighs about three pounds) on hand, licks it, eats up a shell and afterbirth, bites the umbilical cord and apply to the chest.

From this point two or three weeks the mother will carry the newborn baby in the literal sense of the word until he learns to hold on tight his fingers over her hair. 3 – 4 years he will have to eat mother’s milk, and the first two years it is almost inseparable with the mother.

By six months, the baby begins to walk. The one-year-old orangutan already has all the baby teeth, which are replaced by constant teeth by seven years. Orangutans are very clean, mom carefully monitors hygiene: licking the face and genitals of the baby.

Dad does not participate in childbirth and generally with some caution applies to the very process of the birth of the heir, and subsequent communication with him.