Orangutan Spots Tiny Baby Through Glass Window. Parents Are Amazed By Response Caught On Film


Trips to the zoo are full of fun animal sightings and educational experiences. Parents love taking their little ones to the zoo to see their reactions to the inhabitants there. Bigger zoos tend to have a more diverse animal population for its guests to visit, like the inquisitive and expressive orangutans.

Seen hanging out in both groups and flying solo, orangutans are the two exclusively Asian species of extant great apes. They can be affectionate amongst each other, communicating by making various sounds. When they’re annoyed, orangutans are known to suck air in through pursed lips and making a kissing sound. They also blow raspberries. But one orangutan decided to zero in on a very special guest at the zoo and send him a sign of heartfelt affection. A young family had stopped by the orangutan exhibit at the Denver zoo.

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