Owl gives the biggest hug imaginable to the man who saved her life


This is the heartwarming moment a huge great horned owl gave the man who saved its life a massive hug.

Doug Pojeky, president of Wild at Heart Rescue in Vancleave, Mississippi, had been away at a family event for a few days when he returned to see an owl named GiGi. The bird lifted her wings as he held her and laid her head on his shoulder.

Doug told TODAY: ‘I’ve never quite had the feeling that I had when that owl just nuzzled her neck against mine. ‘I’ve worked with a lot of birds of prey that come in, but the connection I have with them is nothing like this owl giving me a hug.’

He had helped to nurse the owl back to health alongside Missy Dubuisson – the founder and director of the rescue – when she was brought in in late May. She was found to have suffered head injuries – believed to be from a car crash – and a fungal infection in her lungs.

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