This Owl Is Trapped and Exhausted — But Watch The Unexpected Reaction When A Man Tries To Help


Golfers have been known to go fishing for a missing ball in the water, but this may be the first time someone’s gone fishing for an owl at the Lost Creek Country Club in Austin, Texas.

In the video below we get to meet Craig Loving as he saves a Great Horned Owl that had become trapped near the 1st tee box. The bird had remained in the same spot for more than 12 hours before employees realised that it was actually stuck.

The owl was wrapped up in fishing line and could not fly away. Fortunately, it had found a perch that enabled it to remain just out of the water.

Craig approached slowly with a pair of pliers and saw that the owl’s wing was completely wrapped in fishing line. After cutting the line, Craig slowly unwrapped it from the owl’s wing.

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