Owners Alarmed By Mama’s Behavior


This horse was looking at her newborn foal. But suddenly something happened that nobody expected! Jenny is the owner of the stables Saratoga Stud in South Africa. Well, she was pleased when she learned that Daisy, one of my favorite horses, got pregnant the first time.

When it came time to give birth, Jenny and guy, one of the working stables, came to support his favorite and, if anything, help her. The birth went like clockwork, and was born the don Quixote — a beautiful colt. Baby seemed so healthy, but too small for a cub such big and strong mares, as Daisy.

What was the astonishment of guy and Jenny, when they realized that the birth is not over yet! It seems that even the newly minted mother herself did not realize what was happening — she was busy helping her baby get back on her feet. Fortunately, the guy hurried and helped to be born little sister of don Quixote.

Taking birth, no one could not think about the real reason for the weakness of a newborn foal, but after a few seconds everything was in its place. It struck everyone. Jenny lives in South Africa. She owns a stable with several horses. One of her favorites got pregnant, and Jenny was really excited.

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