Parents Expecting New Baby, Build Room Under Stairs That’s Lighting Up The Internet


When Michael and his wife found out that they were expecting a little one, they knew their first baby, a Westie named Molly, needed a place of her own. After contemplating how to give Molly a little room to escape the fussing newborn, they landed on the spot right under the stairway.

The project took several weeks to complete – but the final product made all of the hard work worth it…

Molly was there every step of the way to inspect Dad’s progress and scope out her new space. At first, she was nervous about the dark cavern under the stairs, but after several brave trips into its depths, she grew to love it!

Michael began the project by putting drywall up around the stairwell and making sure the edges were nice and smooth. If this was going to be a posh puppy apartment, everything had to be perfect.

After the walls were up, Michael moved onto the flooring and overall design. He told the Love What Matters Facebook page about how blank of a canvas the doggy room really was:

“Molly, the Westie, found out she was going to be a big sister to a little human, so I decided to build her a room of her own under the stairs before the baby arrived.

Nothing existed there before, it was walled-in.”
Molly was more diligent of an inspector than Micahel ever could’ve imagined. She was there to check things out after each step to make sure it was all up to her high standards.

The days turned into weeks, and Michael was ready to add the final details to Molly’s special room. He told Love What Matters that they were both pleased with how it turned out.

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