Parents leave teen daughters home alone for 1 week


The girls decided that cleaning the house is the best gift for parents for Christmas. Before you start interior metamorphosis, it is useful to do large-scale cleaning and get rid of unnecessary things.

Sometimes this is enough to refresh the atmosphere in the house. Then, having thoroughly studied the premises, decide what and where you would like to update. It is much easier to carry out interior refresh at its neutral finish. If the walls have a specific palette or stylized texture, play eclecticism, adding elements of other design trends.

We found some more great ways to breathe new life into the interior. According to Feng Shui, to change daily life for the better, it is necessary to move 27 items at home during the year.

And there is some truth in this – even a small rearrangement noticeably refreshes the interior and improves mood. Do not be afraid to place the furniture at an angle to the wall: often this solution only expands the space. In addition to pieces of furniture you can experiment with the decor, for example, to change the picture in the living room on photo panels from the bedroom.

Lighting is an important player in the interior. Competent light scenario can significantly transform the atmosphere in the room. The easiest way to control the lighting using the dimmer.