Parrot Thought It Was Home Alone


Singing in the shower or in your car is something everyone has done. You were alone and decided it would be a good time to practice for American Idol. You belted out your song at the top of your lungs and even threw in some dance moves. Then someone walked in or pulled up next to you and you quickly realized you looked and sounded ridiculous.

That was definitely the case with this parrot. The parrot was left home “alone” and decided to pass the time by singing. The owner, however, had not left and secretly hid inside the house to film the parrot.

The parrot was on the deck and it was raining, so it was obviously the perfect time to belt out its favorite song. The camera began to roll and the owner could not believe what he was hearing.

His parrot wasn’t just stringing a few words together, it was literally singing an entire song.

The parrot was singing the song “Chandelier” by the pop artist Sia. Not only was the parrot singing the entire song, it was also singing the song better than most people would be able to do. The parrot sang with a fervor that could only be conjured up when it thought it was completely alone.

The man was sure glad he stayed home that day. Would the parrot have sung with such passion if it knew its owner was watching? We may never know, but we are certainly glad the owner discovered his parrot’s unique voice and shared it with the world! Check out the video below to witness the musical stylings of one amazing parrot!