Pastor Asks Bride To Step Aside


The moment Hannah came into the world, her older sister Ashley knew that they were going to be two peas in a pod. But as Ashley got older, she began to understand that her sister wasn’t like other little girls.

That’s when their parents sat Ashley down and explained that Hannah had a condition called Down’s syndrome. From that point on, Ashley decided that it was her job to look after her baby sister and make sure that she felt included everywhere she went.

That was especially true when Ashley started dating Will. As their relationship deepened, Ashley made it clear that wherever she went, Hannah was coming along.

Instead of running away from the idea, Will accepted both Ashley and her sister with open arms. He knew how important Hannah was to Ashley and soon began to love her like a sister, as well.

Over the years, Will and Ashley took the normal steps to making a real commitment to each other. The only step left to take was marriage – and Will knew the perfect way to propose to his soon-to-be wife. Will planned a photoshoot in a meadow with Ashley, Hannah and himself. First he got down on one knee and asked Ashley to be his wife.

Of course she said yes! Then he turned to Hannah and asked if she would be his best friend forever.

She screamed with excitement and was thrilled to be involved in such a special moment. But Will’s desire to include his soul mate’s sister wasn’t finished yet.

While Ashley always considered her sister a blessing in her life, Will’s affections for his future sister-in-law grew to where he considered her a blessing, too.

On the big day, Will wanted to say some very special vows to Hannah! What Will promised to his sister-in-law was absolutely touching.

Take a peek at his heartwarming vows in the video below.